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Why Office Accessories are Important

When buying office furniture, some people do not consider how costly office accessories can get. If you neglect to purchase accessories when buying the furniture, adding them on afterwards can be a big expense! We want to help you know what to consider when shopping for office accessories, and which ones are essential. 

Most accessories that are added to office cubicles and desks work to increase employees’ comfort. You can often combat the need for these accessories by investing in ergonomic furniture that will reduce bodily strain that could be caused from being at a desk for long hours. However, everyone is different and some people might need additional accessories in order to be most comfortable and relieve strain while at work.

Monitor Arms: This is an important office accessory to prevent neck strain. Whether you will need this accessory or not will depend on several factors: size and angle of monitor and the height of the desk in relation to chair height. If the monitor doesn’t have sufficient features to angle it to reduce neck strain, the monitor arm can do that for you.  Another great feature of monitor arms is that they could save desk space because they open up room that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Keyboard Tray: This office accessory will prop up the keyboard and can either sit on top of the desk, or be installed to slide out from underneath the desk (which also frees up desktop space). Using a keyboard tray can let you type at a more comfortable angle to prevent back pain, and take strain off the arms and wrists of employees who spend a lot of time typing.

Laptop Holder: Like the monitor arm, this office accessory works to take strain off of the neck and back of someone sitting at a desk. Since laptop screens sit lower and are generally smaller than computer monitors, it could cause some real pain to work at a laptop full-time. The laptop holder combats this issue by lifting and angling a laptop to a level that is comfortable and shouldn’t cause any pain.

Desk Lights: A desk light is an important office accessory if an office isn’t well lit. No employee should have to rely on the light from their monitor to be the light source at their desk. Natural light is best, but in the absence of that, overhead lighting is important. Shadows across a desktop can tire out the eyes, and a desk light can help prevent that.

CPU holders: This is a great office accessory that will keep your computer from sitting on the floor or on your desk. When a computer is on the floor it can collect dust that will get inside and affect the machine. If the computer is on top of a desk, it will take up unnecessary space, and will also be in danger of desktop hazards (like spilled coffee). A CPU holder can combat both of those issues!

If you have any questions about office accessories, we would love to talk to you! You can also check out some of our offerings here! You can also shop for office accessories and supplies at our sister company, Office Expo!

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