Used And Pre-Owned Cubicles Fort Worth, TX

Putting together a nice office space in Fort Worth, TX can be both daunting and expensive. Many choices need to be made – open or close concept, carpet or tile, patterned or minimalistic wallcoverings, and so on. After it’s all said and done, you’ll want to decide if you will implement one element that has become a signature office fixture: office cubicles.

While cubicles have a mixed reputation, the right one can really make an office feel like a second home rather than work. But cubicles can be expensive depending on the brand and quantity. Office Interiors Group offers a great solution to this problem – used & pre-owned cubicles. Now, “used” or “pre-owned” comes with so many connotations, but it’s not all bad.

used office cubicles fort worth tx

So, here’s the case for why used cubicles will be the best solution for any office.

What Is The Cubicle Budget?

Knowing the design budget is very important in figuring out what cubicle will work for the office. Having a clear understanding of your budget can help narrow down your options. Your overall budget can determine the brand, style, condition, and size of your cubicles.

What Work Will Take Place In The Office Cubicles?

The cubicle size and type are determined by the type of work done within the space. More customer service or phone-based work might require less space while intensive work requires more privacy (aka a larger space). We will help you determine if you need cubicles for large or small meetings.

When Will The Used Cubicles Need to Be Installed?

Knowing crucial information such as move-in dates and furniture installation is important to make sure things go off without a hitch. Knowing this will allow for a smooth installation. It also allows OiG to contact everyone involved – electrician, data provider, general contractor, and property manager – promptly.

What Makes Buying Used & Pre-Owned Office Cubicles So Great?

SO, what exactly are the benefits of buying used & pre-owned office cubicles that make it such a great bargain? Learn more here.


For an office space, efficiency is all about how well the furniture functions and complements its user. Making sure employees are comfortable is important to productivity and the business’s bottom line. Office furniture needs to work for the employee, not against them.


Like any space, a cubicle can set the tone for an office space. Creating a consistent office environment can boost employee morale while impressing visitors. The office’s image must match the company’s.

Employee Interaction

Having cubicles that foster employee interaction in the office is important. Low-wall cubicle systems can bolster office relations while high-wall cubicles or private offices promote privacy. It just depends on the office environment.


Above all else, the price of cubicles can be the ultimate deciding factor. You want to create a practical workspace without breaking your budget. Fortunately, we make that easy for you with our pre-owned or new cubicle options.

Bottom Line: Modern Used & Pre-Owned Office Cubicles Promote Productivity

It is too easy to associate cubicles with a tedious 9-5 routine, where the worker bees have no sense of individuality over their workspace. Believe it or not, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, businesses like Office Interiors Group make it easier than ever to customize modern used & pre-owned office cubicles to meet your specific professional needs.

Whether you need cubicles that allow for close collaboration among colleagues or prefer a setup that allows for heads-down work, we can accommodate you. We can even take employee height into account. Reach out today to learn more! OiG also provides used office furniture, used desks and used standing desks in Fort Worth,TX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find affordable used cubicles for sale in Fort Worth?

Office Interiors Group offers a wide selection of affordable used cubicles for sale in Fort Worth, with various sizes and configurations to fit any office space. Our experienced team can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your office needs while staying within your budget.

Why should you choose to buy used cubicles instead of new ones in Fort Worth?

You should buy used cubicles instead of new ones in Fort Worth because it can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Additionally, buying used cubicles can give you access to a wider variety of styles and designs at a lower price point.

Do the used cubicles come with a warranty in Fort Worth?

Yes, used cubicles sold by Office Interiors Group in Fort Worth come with a limited warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship for a specified period. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives for more information on our warranty policy.

What kind of used cubicles are available in Fort Worth at OiG?

At Office Interiors Group (OiG) in Fort Worth, various used cubicles are available to meet any office’s needs. Our selection includes sizes, configurations, and styles, ranging from open-plan systems to more private workstations with panels and doors.

How to ensure that the used cubicles in Fort Worth are in a good condition?

To ensure that the used cubicles in Fort Worth are in good condition, thoroughly inspect each cubicle before buying it at a sale. Our team of professionals can also provide installation and ongoing maintenance services for the cubicles to ensure they remain in top condition for their clients.

Is delivery and installation of used cubicles also included in the purchase in Fort Worth?

In Fort Worth, Office Interiors Group offers delivery and installation of used cubicles. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that the entire process, from delivery to installation, is seamless and hassle-free for our clients.

What is the return policy for purchasing used cubicles in Fort Worth in case they do not meet expectations?

If used cubicles purchased from Office Interiors Group in Fort Worth do not meet expectations, we offer a 30-day return policy. Customers must contact them within the 30-day window to request a return, and Office Interiors Group will then arrange to pick up the cubicles and issue a full refund.


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