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Office Interiors Group founded its business on offering exceptional office furnishing products and committing to the highest standards of service and sustainability. Our team of experts has 100+ years of collective experience providing cost-effective services for the complete lifecycle of all assets. When your business needs real estate & architecture services, asset management, new & pre-owned office furniture, space planning & design services, relocation & moving services, liquidation, and auction projects, OiG is your partner for life, in every stage.


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Full-Service New and Pre-Owned Office Solutions await you at OiG

As a top commercial furniture dealership, Office Interiors Group represents 80 different furniture manufacturers to create beautiful, functional work environments and specialized workspaces. With 20+ years of installation, space planning and design experience, we will have you fully functional in the environment you envisioned. Office Interiors Groups provides New and Pre-owned Commercial Furnishings, Space Planning, Design and Installation services.

Sustainable Office Solutions

Beyond providing the perfect furnishings for your space, OiG is your one-stop partner in creating and maintaining your complete ideal workspace. Additional Services from Office Interiors Group include:

Asset Protection, Management and Storage: OiG is your partner with extensive expertise in inventorying, tracking, storing, protecting, and the re-deployment of your office furnishings and equipment, preserving your investment.

Decommission and Recycling: OiG is committed to environmental responsibility and starts each project with the end in mind; ensuring the highest and best use of your inventory for the complete lifecycle of your assets.

Relocation: Let OiG’s professional commercial relocators get you efficiently moved and poised to move forward.

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Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Available Pre-Owned Office Furniture

New Dallas area offices are looking better than ever with pre-owned furnishings from Office Interiors Group. Our pre-owned furniture is selected from a variety of sources across the country allowing our clients access to beautiful, high-end pieces at a fraction of retail value. Our inventory changes daily and includes:

Benefits to Buying Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Budget-Friendly Options: Purchasing pre-owned furniture is very cost effective. Companies can often save as much as 80% over the cost of brand-new furniture. This also makes the highest quality brands, materials and styles accessible in your budget. Reaping the rewards of another’s investment is a savvy way to score big on second hand finds. OiG’s team will work with you to custom fit your office with everything you need functionally and aesthetically.

Sustainable Choices: The furniture industry is one of the least sustainable industries in the world. Annually Americans discard more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings, with 80 percent sent to landfill. Buying used furniture extends the life of materials, such as wood, metal and plastic. When buying new wood furniture, it’s recommended always to look for sustainable certification by a reputable label, but when it’s secondhand you’re already engaging in an environmental act by extending its life. These items have already stood the test of time, proven their value, and will continue to do so for many years to come.


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