At Office Interiors Group, we understand how massive an undertaking space planning for your Fort Worth office truly is. Nonetheless, space planning is an essential part of the interior design process for any office space. We believe that the best space planning efforts take a few key elements into account.


Here is what you should know about Fort Worth space planning:


To put it simply, ergonomics simply refers to the study of how people function, behave and collaborate in a work environment. When we look at ergonomics in the context of space planning, we are considering how we can optimize a space for productivity.

Imagine the most dreadful workspace possible. It’s likely one that is dark and drab, where no natural sunlight dares to fall. Employees’ desks sit in claustrophobic clusters; there is very little room for anyone to move around. Finally, constant noise fills the air. People talk over each other; it’s hard to tell one conversation from another. In sum, this work environment does not promote productivity.

On the other hand, an ergonomically sound workspace strikes the right balance between light and shade. There is enough natural light to illuminate the space and invoke a cheerful atmosphere, but not so much that it is blinding. All desks are appropriately spaced, but employees still have plenty of room to collaborate. There are sounds to be heard, but they don’t compete with each other. Instead, all employees go about their business as planned.

Of course, how interior designers apply the principles of ergonomics will vary depending on the office space, its size, the number of employees working there, and many other factors. We take these things into account as we work with you.


Humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things. It goes without saying, then, that most people would prefer to work in an environment rich with details that are pleasant to look at. The color palette chosen makes sense for the environment of the office and even reflects your company’s brand. All the colors complement one another rather than clash.

Additionally, every piece of furniture seems to occupy a purposeful place. It doesn’t take up space but rather serves a function while also looking visually stunning. Maybe there is compelling art on the walls, and it is neither cloyingly distracting nor distractingly banal.

In other words, the office is more than just a place to come and go to work. It’s a productive space that was carefully planned to draw the eye. If our work meets these criteria, then we know that we have succeeded.


The best office spaces are not just highly efficient and gorgeous to behold, they also make the most of natural resources without allowing anything to go to waste. At Office Interiors Group, we space plan with sustainability in mind. What sustainability looks like may vary from one business to the next.

In any case, the point of space planning with sustainability in mind is not to restrict businesses from making use of certain resources. Rather, it is to help businesses make the most of the resources they have at their disposal. For some, this might mean emphasizing natural lighting over buzzing light fixtures. For others, it might mean ensuring that a recycling bin accompanies every garbage bin, wherever they are scattered throughout the office.

Bottom line: we offer practical sustainability solutions that make sense for you.

What to Expect From Space Planning Services like OiG

When you work with us, your designers will lay out a plan that identifies the various zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones. It could also include a circulation plan that maps out how people will move about the space. Finally, the designer completes the plan by implementing all the necessary furniture, equipment, and hardware placement.

Need help making the most of your office space? Let Office Interiors Group help! Our experienced designers know how to make use of every square inch with beauty, practicality, and sustainability in mind. Reach out today to learn more about our services!

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