When creating a new room or remodeling a space, we always start with a space plan. Space planning is a vital part of the interior design process. It provides a basic outline of the room that we use to build your design.

A great space plan keeps our design on track and ensures the final room meets your needs. Before designing a room, here’s what we will be walking through to create a thorough space plan that supports your final vision.

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The Purpose of a Space

Space planning is based on the purpose of a space. Before we start your plan, we gather information about the room. If it is your own space, we figure out exactly what you will use it for, how many people will regularly use it, and what features are essential to have in the room.

Once we know exactly for what and how the space will be used, we can start creating the space plan.

Zones – The first step of space planning is defining specific zones in the room based on the purpose. For example, if we are creating a home office, we figure out where the majority of work will be completed and where storage features will go.

Navigation – Every space needs to be easy to navigate. We ensure there are clear, unobstructed passageways and enough distance between structures for people to pass through easily.

Lighting – We decide what type and how much lighting the space should have. We consider whether it would be better to include large windows for a lot of natural light or to utilize artificial light.

Hardware – An often overlooked aspect of interior design is the hardware. Our team adds in sockets, light switches, and other hardware to the design, as these are essential to the functionality of your space.

Accessibility – If your space is in a public area or will be used by disabled people, we ensure to adjust the design for accessibility. We include accessibility features that allow those with disabilities to use the space the same way an able-bodied person could.

Space Planning in Dallas

Space planning is an essential part of interior design. We understand how to optimize your space based on what needs to be included in your design. Without a strong space plan, you could overlook a vital aspect of your space and render it difficult or impossible to use as intended.

If you are a Dallas resident starting to plan out your space, you want to make the most of every square inch. That means choosing furniture and decor that complements your office rather than clutter it.

For space planning services in Dallas, you can’t go wrong with Office Interiors Group. We have years of experience in space planning and will do all we can to help you optimize a winning combination of beauty, sustainability, and practicality. Give us a call today!

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