Asset Management

Office Interiors Group knows the investment your furniture assets represent and offers asset management services designed to maximize those assets from procurement through disposition. The success of your company’s furniture installations, reconfigurations and moves relies on a professionally managed asset management program. OiG’s detailed approach to transporting, receiving, assessing, inventorying, and storing your facility assets leverages that inventory of assets. Our team of professionals is accomplished with installation, project management, design and logistics skills. By storing and managing your chairs, workstations, desks, storage units and other equipment, OiG will maximize your return on investment by empowering you to efficiently reuse your existing inventory. We will manage inventory, tracking and storage as well as the deployment of current assets. OiG starts each project with the end in mind; ensuring the highest and best use of your inventory for the complete lifecycle of your assets. As a single resource for all your asset management needs, we facilitate cost-effective services to serve all your business needs.


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