Dallas & Fort Worth Electronics Recycling

Office Interiors Group is committed to improving our community and environment by offering complete and sustainable office solutions, including efficient electronics recycling services in DFW. Our team of experts has 100+ years of collective experience providing cost-effective and sustainable services for the complete lifecycle of all assets. OiG’s environmentally conscious approach to furniture services offers services designed to maximize assets from procurement through disposition. Expanding upon these practices, Office Interiors Group partners with United Electronic Recycling, an OiG company, to responsibly recycle end-of-life electronic assets.


Electronic Recycling

What Services Do We Get With Electronics Recycling in DFW

United Electronic Recycling founded its business on committing to the highest standards of responsible recycling. With over a decade of local recycling experience supporting 5000+ events and processing over eight million pounds of electronics per year, UER is a trusted partner for all electronic recycling needs. As a leading electronics recycling service provider, United Electronic Recycling:

  • Provides responsible and sustainable recycling services including resale and end-of-life processing.
  • Ensures that all collected electronic waste is processed to R2, ISO 14001, and OSHA 18001 standards.
  • Provides data destruction (DOD Level 3 HD Erasure) and hard drive shredding and guarantees the secure and proper destruction of all data.
  • Has a zero-landfill or incinerator initiative.

Electronic Recycling

Utilizing United Electronic Recycling’s experience will offer the highest class of electronic recycling service in Dallas and Fort Worth at the most competitive pricing for your electronic recycling needs. Our team of experts will offer the best and highest use of your retired digital IT assets.

Electronics Recycling Services in Dallas & Fort Worth:

United Electronic Recycling’s team has a combined 100 years of industry experience in buying, selling and processing information technology assets through numerous distribution channels. This includes expertise in equipment including IBM, HP, Sun, Cisco, Intel Servers, Point of Sale and Desktop/Notebook equipment, etc. Through our network of industry contacts, United Electronic Recycling will capture the maximum value for your retired technology investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What items can be recycled in electronic recycling services in Dallas?

Electronic recycling services in Dallas typically accept items such as computers, printers, cell phones, televisions, and other small electronics. However, checking with the specific organization or facility for a comprehensive list of accepted items and their recycling guidelines is important.

Where are the most affordable electronic recycling services in Dallas?

For affordable electronic recycling services in Dallas, we recommend looking into OiG. We offer competitive prices and environmental sustainability.

Is it necessary to remove personal data from my devices before sending them for electronic recycling in Dallas?

Yes, removing all personal data from your devices before sending them for electronic recycling in Dallas is highly recommended. It ensures the protection of your personal information from potential data breaches and also helps the recycling process to be more efficient.

How to hire electronic recycling services in Dallas?

Hiring electronic recycling services in Dallas can be done by researching local companies and their certifications, asking for recommendations and pricing information, and ensuring they offer proper disposal methods to minimize environmental impact. It’s important to choose a reputable and reliable company such as OiG to dispose of electronic waste responsibly.


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