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What statement are you making with your office interior design and decoration? Has the style been carefully mapped out? Or is your office a mash-up of any furniture you’ve been able to find?

If the answer to the latter is yes, you’re in need of a serious boost to the interior design of your Dallas office. While this might sound like a huge undertaking, OiG is here to help with your office space interior design in Dallas.

Office interior design Dallas

The Value of Office Interior Design & Decoration

Defining Your Business – choosing the right furniture, art, rugs, and anything else you might need for your Dallas office can drastically change the impression your clients have of your business. The interior design of your space is the first impression current or prospective customers have of you and your business. Our interior design professionals can help you create a casual, welcoming atmosphere or a strict, professional environment based solely on the furniture you choose.

Improving Quality of Life – quality interior design makes people eager to spend time in a room. The more beautiful or polished the room, the more you enjoy existing in the space. Additionally, comfortable desks and chairs can improve the lives of your employees, while high-quality waiting room decor can improve the experience of your customers. We aim to improve the quality of life in a room to increase productivity and enjoy the room day after day.

Supporting Your Community – when you purchase furniture with us, you are supporting the greater Dallas community. We can even help you take that furniture to make the most of your office space. We want to play a part in helping make your business successful!

Determining the Interior Design of Your Dallas Office

There are several key factors we keep in mind when planning the interior design & decoration of your office space.

Available Space – Having a clear understanding of your space will help make decisions easier. We can disqualify items of furniture that don’t match your available space in order to narrow the search. Over-large pieces will dwarf a small room, while small pieces in a large room will create an awkwardly decorated space. We consider how much space you have available so that you don’t purchase too much or too little.

Existing Decor  – While you can absolutely design & decorate from scratch, odds are you already have a few pieces of furniture and various decorations in your office. Therefore, we always keep in mind the colors, patterns, textures, and furniture pieces that already exist in the room.

Budget – This is another huge consideration. We consider how much money you want to spend on interior decoration. This might determine what items you purchase. We offer high-quality furniture for nearly any budget.

Achieving Your Vision – Once we have created a plan for the interior design of your Dallas office, the next step is to purchase furniture. We will help you achieve your vision for your space, and we can supply the furniture! Reach out to us at Office Interiors Group to learn more.

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