Hard Drive & Paper Shredding

Whether it is your computer’s hard drive or the minutes from your latest meeting, you don’t want your data falling into the wrong hands. That is precisely what happens when you dispose of your office junk without scanning for sensitive information. Data destruction is just as significant as data collection and analysis. The same data that helped your business scale the stairs of success can be your downfall in the wrong hands. So, what can you do about it?

Office Interior Group offers data destruction and shredding services so that you won’t have to think twice before parting ways with physical or electronic data.

Data Destruction

If you have not heard of data destruction, you are not to blame. While the concept of data destruction is relatively new, it has been around for a while. It’s like erasing your phone before passing it down to your brother, but on a much larger scale. Data destruction means destroying data from hard disks, tapes, and other electronic media forms to prevent unauthorized access.

Simply deleting a file is not enough. A hard disk retains certain traces of a file even after a hard delete. Scavengers use these traces to recover the file and access sensitive information. Data destruction overwrites the latent data until it is destroyed or irretrievable.

Shredding Services

Need to make sure nobody sees the embarrassing letter you wrote to yourself when you were 15 or your company’s most recent financial performance. We got this. Office Interior Group offers data shredding Services so that you can sleep easy at night. Whether it is your old documents or hard drives full of sensitive information, Office Interior Group specializes in offering data shredding services for all your needs.

Acknowledging that you need shredding services is less of a hassle than figuring out the right kind of service. Since the cost varies massively depending on the type of service, choosing the right service package can help you save more than a few bucks. If you are confused about choosing the right kind of service, our team of professionals can help you identify what will serve your business best.

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