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Whether you’re changing your business address, downsizing the office, or upgrading your furniture, it can be surprisingly difficult to clear out the stuff you have right now. If you have dozens or even hundreds of items to move, where do you even begin?

An office liquidation service can handle all of that work for you. Here’s how they can help.

Get Rid of Old Office Furniture Quickly

Big and bulky office furniture is hard to move around. It can take a lot of time and energy – resources that are almost always in short supply in the workplace. But with the help of an office liquidator service, it doesn’t have to.

If you need to get rid of your old stuff out fast, they can come in and do it in the most efficient way possible. Their team can quickly disassemble and move out the furniture while making sure that the items are not damaged while doing so. That way, the furniture can still be used by someone else in the future.

Avoid Paying for Commercial Storage

Getting furniture out of the office is just the first step. You’ll need somewhere to put those desks, cabinets, and chairs as you figure out what you’re going to do with them. If you don’t have the facilities to do that, the only real option is to rent a commercial storage space

You won’t have to deal with this hassle if you leave it to an office furniture liquidator. After the items are removed from the office, they can transport it to their own warehouses as part of their service. They’ll take care of the furniture while the items await their next destination and you won’t have to worry about losing money on a storage unit.

Make the Most of Your Former Assets

Speaking of what will happen to the furniture you no longer need, there are a few places they can go to. Those in usable condition can be sold or donated to charity. For the pieces that can’t be used anymore, they can be sent off for recycling rather than heading to a landfill. Wherever they’re going, a liquidator can help get them there.

Avoid going through the trouble of selling the items one by one. A liquidator service an appraise the value of the furniture and purchase it from you at a reasonable price, all in one go. If you choose to donate or recycle the items, they can also help you determine the value that can go toward your taxes.

Don’t let the past get in the way of your future. OiG’s liquidation team will make sure the process of getting rid of old furniture is as easy as it can be. Send us a message or call 972-388-7848.

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