These days, most of us are spending the vast majority of our time at our desks. We wake up in the mornings, stretch, have a cup of coffee, shower, and make our way to our desks where we stay for most of the day.

With that fact in mind, considering the space in which we work is important. There are lots of factors to consider in choosing a desk. There’s size, shape, and build quality. In recent years, there’s another factor to throw in the mix. Do you want a regular, sit-down desk or do you want a standing desk?

A standing desk is much like a regular desk, but the height of the tabletop can be adjusted so that you can stand and work. Standing desks have a lot of health benefits and that’s why we have added them to our inventory here at OIG.

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The Benefits of Standing Desks

Chances are that you’ve heard something about the benefits of standing desks already. We already know that sitting all day isn’t in our best interests, but did you know that sitting all day can actually be detrimental to your health?

Luckily, standing desks provide a solution for the fact that most of us have to spend a lot of our time at our desks.

  1. Lowers Your Risk Of Weight Gain – Since weight gain is dependent on the number of calories consumed versus burned, and sitting reduces the number of calories you burn, this is a clear advantage to standing desks.
  2. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease – Prolonged sedentary time increases your risk of heart disease by up to 147%. Standing more throughout the day will help lower that risk.
  3. Reduce Back Pain – In a study conducted to observe the effects of standing desks on back pain, participants reported up to a 32% improvement after several weeks with a standing desk. Lower back pain is a common complaint among office workers, and this could be the solution.

The Best Type Of Standing Desk

While fixed standing desks exist and work in specific use cases, you likely want one that can be adjusted from standing to sitting and back again. These types of standing desks are ideal because of the offered flexibility.

You can get adjustable standing desks that are either hand-operated or electric. The best type of standing desk is an electric height adjustable one. This offers the best of everything–flexibility, functionality, and ease of use.

The Advantages Of Buying Used

You might be debating whether or not you want to buy your furniture brand new or used. There are several clear advantages to buying used over new.

In any purchasing decision, you’re thinking about the cost. Buying used is, of course, more cost-effective than buying new. You don’t have to sacrifice incredible quality either. Not to mention, buying used allows you to reuse an old desk rather than spring for a new one, which saves that desk from being discarded.

Where To Find Used Standing Desks In Dallas

If you’re looking for quality, used electrical standing desks, give us a call or visit us today to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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