You don’t have to be a neatfreak to appreciate the value of an orderly office. From a productivity and general wellbeing standpoint, there’s no reason to put up with a messy environment.

But having to clean up a workspace isn’t exactly something people look forward to. If you need some extra motivation, just remember that spring is almost here. And with it comes spring cleaning.


Start With Your Personal Space

If you’ve ever had to deal with a ton of paperwork, you know how easily it can get piled up. Printouts, forms, bills, folders, envelopes, and even small post-it notes can seem insignificant on their own. There’s also no doubt that they each have an important purpose. However, the problem begins when they overstay their welcome on your desk.

An article from Harvard Business Review describes an experiment conducted with more than 100 undergraduates. They were separated into two groups: one was exposed to a messy environment while the other was exposed to a more organized place. They were then asked to perform a challenge that, unknown to them, could not actually be done.

The people exposed to the messy environment stuck to the task for an average of 669 seconds while those from the organized environment were able to hold out for an average of 1,117 seconds. The results provide evidence on how the workspace can affect a person’s persistence when it comes to difficult tasks.

What does this mean for you? Instead of putting it off, use the changing season as an excuse to get your space cleaned up. Whether you share a desk or have your own office, keeping it neat can help you get through the challenges you face every day.


Create an Environment That Supports Your Employees

According to Steelcase, the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, “The physical work environment can have a strong impact on employee well-being and engagement.”

Not everyone has the luxury of fully renovating their facilities. We all have the ability to at least keep things neat and tidy. You can leave individual workspaces up to the people who use them but it’s in the employer’s best interest to at least make sure the rest of the office is clean.

Of course, it’s not always possible nor is it practical to wipe down every corner very often. It can be a nuisance for the employees especially if it disturbs their work – the opposite of what you want to achieve in the first place!

This is why you should take advantage of the spring cleaning season. Most people are already aware of the practice. Some may even do it at home. They’re already in the right mindset so that when you do have to clean up the workplace, they won’t get caught off guard.


Go Beyond Just Cleaning Up

Another way to take advantage of the annual cleanup is to take stock of your own facilities. You can’t always check every corner of your workplace but spring cleaning is an opportunity to do just that.

Think of it as more than just getting rid of the previous year’s built up dirt and mess. Throughout the process, you might gain new insights that you may not have had otherwise.

Is there any equipment that needs to be repaired? Can you improve the layout of your office to make it more organized? Is there anything you can do to maximize the space you currently have? If you’re a growing company, does the place still suit your needs?

Those are the kinds of questions you can only answer if you have the right perspective on your work environment. And one way to get that point of view is to see the place when it’s at its best.

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