The benefits of having the right, ergonomically sound office furniture and having it properly set up and arranged are numerous, affecting management, employees, and customers/clients. The main point, though, is that office furniture properly set up can enhance employee satisfaction and boost productivity. The bottom line is that your office furniture can enhance the bottom line.

So let’s first look at a couple of office and office-furniture trends that we love. 

Fun Work Spaces

Not long ago, the notion took hold that work spaces should be fun places. The idea was that when a work space is fun, so will work be, instead of just sheer drudgery, and people will give their best and work hard without suffering burnout. For example, several companies installed slides in their offices to provide a quick, fun way for employees to get from an upper floor to a lower floor – Google in their Tel Aviv headquarters, Lego at the Danish office, and Microsoft in the Vienna headquarters. Now, that’s some radically different office furniture that would make us eager to go to work.

Office-as-Dorm Room Phenomenon

Then, in an effort to foster cooperation and collegiality, offices made the effort to become like friendly dorm rooms, signaled by the appearance of non-office furniture in offices – old sofas, recliners, lawn chairs. And to some degree it worked. Besides, there’s no rule that says office furniture has to look like, well, boring office furniture. Wouldn’t it be great to work in an office that took you back to some of your best years, making you feel younger and friendlier? 

Standing/Walking Desks

Sitting too long too often can have a host of negetive effects on your health, ranging from back problems to weak hips and legs to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. So office furniture was designed and introduced to remedy that situation, namely, the treadmill desk and the sit-stand desk. The challenge remains, though, to get people to use them and so enjoy the health benefits. Now, owing to this innovative office furniture, you don’t to go home every day with a stiff neck, aching back, and poor circulation.

Typical Office-Furniture Delivery/Setup Fiascoes 

Even the most conservative, productivity-boosting furniture can pose problems when it comes to delivery and set up. Suppose you’ve ordered, or scheduled the moving of, your office furniture well ahead of time so that it will be there when you need it. But there are always unexpected, unforeseen delays. It can turn out, if you don’t use a company experienced in commercial relocation, that you find yourself in a new office space with nothing for your employees to sit on or at and no tools for them to do their work with. 

Or it may all arrive on time, but then doesn’t fit. Either measuring and planning went wrong, or the wrong furniture with the wrong dimensions was delivered. (It does happen.) If you have ordered office furniture with the wrong dimensions, it’s on usually on you. While this seems harsh, it is nevertheless fair. Some retailers, however, we give you the benefit of the doubt and let you exchange the furniture – but they don’t have a legal obligation to do so. Still, there’s downtime, lost productivity, and lost profits.


The Office-Furniture Solution

The best way to avoid getting too caught up in trends and avoid delivery/setup fiascoes is to use an office-furniture supplier who not only understands the logistics of commercial relocation, but can also assist with office furnishings and asset management. Also, make sure it’s a company with experience, expertise, and a solid reputation in commercial relocation.

With OIG Relocation Services, you get a team that understands how crazy things can get with ordering and delivering office furniture. Our team can analyze the scope of your relocation project and meet the many challenges – space management, packing, moving, unpacking, and reset. We provide full-service, turnkey office relocation with an experienced moving team, support staff, and full fleet of company-owned moving trucks and vehicles, 

To discover more about how we can help with ordering and the logistics of delivery and setup, just call 972-388-7848 or fill out the easy online form.