Keep Your Office Furniture Looking New

Your office furniture is an investment. It’s also a reflection on your business. What impression do you want to make to potential job candidates and clients? Do you want to come across as professional, responsible, and dependable? Or outdated, unmotivated, and lazy? First impressions are lasting impressions. 

Your office furniture also has a huge impact on the vibe and mood amongst your employees. If your furniture looks like it has seen better days, the subtle message that sends is that management doesn’t really care. If management doesn’t really care, employees may wonder why they should care! 

Fortunately, with a bit of effort you can keep your furniture looking ship shape – which will send the message that you run a tight ship!

1: Be Careful About Where You Place Furniture. Heat and sunlight will eventually cause fabrics to lighten, wood to warp or crack, and even plastic materials to melt. If you must place furniture near a window, make sure the window has blinds or curtains to block out the sun’s harmful rays.’

2: Keep A Toolbox Handy, and Use It. Bolts and screws on office furniture that you assemble yourself will gently loosen over time – especially on chairs. Schedule an automatic email reminder to your team every 6 months, reminding them to check their chairs. Or, assign one individual to take care of this task for your entire staff. 

3: Use Desk Blotters and Chair Mats. Plastic desk blotters or even large desk calendars will protect the desk surface from scratches, stains, and indentations. Chair mats will keep your office floor scratch free, and prevent damage to the chair casters themselves.

4: Apply a Waterproof Stain Repellant to Fabrics. You can find plenty of over-the-counter spray-on products to safeguard you textiles from those inevitable coffee stains that are bound to happen.

5: Handle with Care. When you need to move desks around to accommodate staffing changes, use moving blankets or other thick padding to safeguard your furniture from bumps and scratches along the way.