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All linked through aesthetic consistency. All crafted to exact specifications. All conducive to accepting change as needed.

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There are four basic categories of interior signs that must work in concert with each other to guide people through a building. These categories are organized by Identification, Wayfinding, Regulatory and Information.

Identification signs indicate key locations, room numbers, people names, titles and departments.

Wayfinding signs provide direction, such as a directory of department names and their room numbers, or an overhead sign marked with the name of a department and a directional arrow.

Regulatory signs assure safety and compliance with local building codes. They restrict people from entering potentially dangerous or hazardous rooms such as electrical closets and laboratories. They provide life-safety by marking elevators, stairwells and evacuation routes.

Information signs display messages such as meeting locations and dates of upcoming events. They welcome visitors, announce business hours and more.

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