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What is the right height for you?

Cubicle Walls – what is the right height for you?

There are many things to consider when shopping for office cubicles. What size cubicle best serves your employees? What kind of layout are you looking for? What type of work environment do you want to create? One of the most important questions to ask is what height of cubicle do you need? You have many different options to choose from when it comes to cubicle wall height and the choices you make can create very different atmospheres. There are quite a few things to consider when making this decision, and we are happy to share the pros and cons on low vs. high cubicle walls.

Low cubicle walls allow for easy communication between employees and facilitates a more open work environment. They also allow light to flow through an office, giving it a bigger feeling. Low cubicle walls are great for an office that is trying to create a collaborative workspace for its employees while creating a great flow in an office environment with many different meeting spaces. Telemarketing offices often use low cubicle walls because the employees don’t need large cubicles or a lot of privacy in order to accomplish the work that they are doing. Open office cubicles and teaming office cubicles all use low walls as well, and create an open, collaborative space for employees to work. We have found collaborative workspaces to be very popular recently as it increases creativity and helps with workflow for many different types of companies. JSI Swish cubicles can be used to create such a workspace, they have low walls and are very popular because of their multiple customizable options.

High cubicle walls are great at creating privacy and blocking out noise. They can facilitate better concentration because there is less distraction in the employees’ immediate surroundings. They are also great at cancelling out excess noise if your employees are doing a lot of work on their phones and don’t want to have background noise coming in. High walls keep the noise inside and keep it from distracting the person working in the next cube. High cubicle walls also give a sense of privacy, and create a feeling of ownership of space for each person. There is room to tack up pictures, put up a whiteboard to make notes, hang a calendar, and really personalize the space. High cubicle walls can even be used to create private offices, or conference rooms when you don’t want to knock down walls to do so.

There are some manufacturers that create office cubicles with customizable  walls. If you want to see different options before making a decision check out Global with Divide and Evolve office cubicles. If you think you have a better idea of what kind of office cubicle you are looking for, or need some help making the right decision - get in touch! We have sales reps with many years of experience that would love to help you find the perfect product for your office. Whether you are shopping new or used cubicles, we are sure that we can find the perfect solution for your office.

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