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How to Buy

Follow the links on the OIG Auction site to the auction catalogs you are interested in.

Register with the host website and submit your credit card information as required for bidding. OIG uses a variety of hosts for maximum auction returns, each site's registration requirements are slightly different. Many sites offer tutorials to assist you in registering.

Review all Terms and Conditions of the specific Auction you will be bidding in; please remember that Terms and Conditions may alter slightly from one auction to the next it is important to read them each time you bid in a new auction.

Bid on the items you wish to purchase.

When you win an item you will receive notification that you are the winning bidder via e-mail to the address you have supplied.

An Invoice will follow the notification to let you know what your final total is and instruct you on how to proceed with payment.

Follow payment and removal instructions to ensure a smooth transaction. As stated in the Terms and Conditions there are specific removal time periods defined to ensure smooth transactions for all patrons and consignors, please plan accordingly for item removal.

If you have any questions send them to auctionclerk@oig.com or call 469-310-1920 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm CST/CDT to speak with an OIG Auction Clerk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need experience to bid at an auction?

A: Experience is not required to bid at auction. As long as you have registered with the website or checked in at the physical auction and received confirmation of your account or a paddle number you are ready to bid. If you are new to auctions you may want to watch an auction in process either online or physically to get a feel for how an auction works. There is plenty of information on-line to assist those new to auctions understand the process.

Q: How do I register to bid and how much does it cost?

A: OIG Auctions uses several auction host sites so the registration process will vary, but usually all auction sites have buyers start by setting up an account with the site. It is site dependent whether or not there are fees for bidding, this information will be disclosed during the registration process. Bidders do pay a Buyer's Premium on items they have won; this premium is disclosed in the Auction information and the Terms and Conditions for the Auction. Many sites will require a valid credit card number during registration to validate your credibility prior to allowing you to bid. Most registrants will successfully pass this screening unless they have prior bidding history with the site that resulted in an unpaid winning bid.

Q: What is the Buyer's Premium?

A: The Buyer's Premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price (the winning bid at auction) of the lot that is paid by the buyer. It is charged by the auctioneer to cover the administrative expenses of the auction.

Q: What is a Reserve?

A: A reserve is the lowest amount the auctioneer is willing to accept for an item. The reserve is not disclosed in the item listing. All bids submitted that do not meet or exceed the reserve will result in "Reserve Not Met" status which means that the bid was not accepted for the item as a winning bid.

Q: Can I set a max bid once the auction starts?

A: Yes, most auction sites allow the bidders to enter max bids to prevent the bidder from having to constantly monitor the auction bidding activity.

Q: Can I return my purchase?

A: All sales are "As Is, Where Is" there are no returns unless there is a proven misrepresentation of the item in the catalog listing. Preview days are scheduled prior to the Auction's close to allow viewing and inspection of items for auction. As a buyer it is highly advised that you take advantage of the Preview day to inspect potential purchases and make your own judgment on their value.

Q: Who is responsible to arrange and pay for shipping?

A: Each auction has a specific set of Terms and Conditions that set the guidelines of how the auction will be handled, therein stating who will be responsible for shipping. In most cases the buyer is 100% responsible for their purchases to include the payment and arrangement of shipping. In some auctions OIG will offer shipping services at an additional cost and risk to the buyer. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the specific auction you are participating in to answer this question.

Q: How soon will I receive my purchase?

A: If OIG has agreed to act as the shipping agent you can expect 2-4 business days handling time in addition to the agreed upon transit time. Many times shipments are expedited more quickly but this is entirely dependent on the amount of activity during the specified removal days. If you are coordinating the shipment you will work with your shipper to determine the shipment pick up and arrival dates.

Q: Is there sales tax on internet auction items?

A: Sales tax is applicable to all Texas purchasers and to out of state customers conducting a pick up or arranging their own shipment unless a valid Tax Exempt form has been provided.

If you are purchasing from a current auction or plan to do so in the near future, you can submit your Tax Exempt form by e-mail to auctionclerk@oig.com or call 469-310-1920 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm CST/CDT for fax instructions. If you choose to submit your Tax Exempt Form by e-mail please put "Tax Exempt form for (fill in your Organization's name)" in the subject line.


Tax Exempt Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

**Submit Forms to OIG by e-mailing to Auctionclerk@oig.com or fax (972) 388-7849**

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